Adding Friends on Playsum

Modified on Thu, 28 Dec 2023 at 04:36 PM

Playsum is all about having a blast with your friends! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find and add friends to your gaming crew.


Members Discovery

If you’re wanting to find gamer friends, tap the Discover tab in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

By default, you'll find a list of awesome Playsum members who play a variety of games on different platforms. Want to narrow it down? No problem! Tap the filter icon in the top right corner to access our nifty filters. Here are your options:

  • All members: This will show you a diverse range of gamers on Playsum.

  • My games on my platforms: You'll only see gamers who play the same games on the same platforms as you do.

  • My games: Meet fellow gamers who enjoy playing the same games, regardless of the platform.

  • My platforms: Connect with players who use the same platforms as you, regardless of the games they play.

Remember, you can change these filters anytime to discover new gaming buddies.

Browse and Discover

Once you've set your preferred filter, it's time to explore the range of profiles and find your gaming friends! In the list, you'll find the following details about each profile:

  • Their cool avatar.

  • Online status: A green dot means they're online, an orange dot indicates they're away, and no dot means they're offline.

  • Username.

  • Tags: These give you a sneak peek into the games and platforms they're into. The tags displayed will vary depending on the filter you've selected.

Want to learn more?

You can tap each profile in the list to pull up a member’s full profile. Their profile will show everything you can see in the list and:

  • Their pronouns.

  • Their bio.

  • The number of games and platforms they’ve added.

  • The full list of their games and platforms.

Sending Friend Requests

Found some awesome people you want to team up with? Great! Now it's time to send them a friend request. There are two easy ways to do this:

Option 1: Tap the add friend icon next to each member's profile in the list.

Option 2: Go to the member's full profile by tapping on their profile, then click the 3 dots icon in the top right corner, and select "Friendship Request"

Once you've sent a friend request, keep an eye out for their response so you can start gaming together in no time!

With Playsum, gaming is all about fun, camaraderie, and memorable moments. So go ahead, add friends, and let the gaming adventures begin! If you encounter any issues or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Happy gaming!

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